A deep European background – We can be a guide to the European Institutions and their functioning

A long standing experience in EU-Asia Relations

A highly specialised, focussed team – Asia-related knowledge and skills

A strong commitment

Bringing the EU to Asia: With Glyn Ford as its founder and with the expertise of its other members, T2A offers a unique understanding of the European Union, its Institutions and their functioning. Therefore it helps the EU-Asia dialogue by explaining the European way of thinking and behaving to its Asian counterparts, and advising them on how to engage with and respond to European challenges.

Bringing Asia to the EU: Glyn Ford has been invited countless times as a speaker to conferences and briefings or for high-level informal meeting with Institution officials, government representatives and Embassies personnel to give his advise as expert on East Asia. Now T2A complements this involvement with its organisational capacity to be more practically involved in the European decision-making process towards East Asia and its ability to carry wide-scale projects on the ground.

Thinking out of the box: result-oriented strategy building. The young and international team that is siding Glyn Ford contributes not only with its expertise, but also with fresh ideas and alternative way of thinking, an indispensable asset in the creation of new objectives and strategies to achieve originals projects, making T2A a window to the future.