North East Asia Economic Forum (NEAEF) – Rason as a Window of Dialogue with the DPRK

The Northeast Asia Economic Forum (NEAEF) is a regional non-governmental organization created in 1991 to sponsor and facilitate research, networking, and dialogue relevant to the economic and social development of Northeast Asia. The goal of NEAEF is to encourage cooperation and advance knowledge and understanding about the challenges the Northeast Asian Region is facing. The Forum holds annual conferences, workshops and seminars for planning, facilitating, coordinating and implementing international and interdisciplinary solutions to common policy problems. Its Members include Japan, China, South Korea, Mongolia, Russia and the US. The DPRK, originally included, has not participated since the late 90s.

Glyn Ford has been the only European speaker invited to contribute to the Forum every year; T2A staff is now engaged, in cooperation with the NEAEF staff, to re-open this unique dialogue with the DPRK, beginning with the organisation of a second field trip to the Rason Special Economic Zone in early 2016.