Its endeavours go beyond the academic research and exchanges, involvement in think tank conferences and activities, and also stretch further than the fieldwork and practical undertakings that characterise NGOs.

Track2Asia seeks to function as a bridge between people, places and ideas. Acting to unite different countries, types of actors and organisations, T2A believes the medium is not the message. Its mission is to convey the message, rather than to shine as the message-bearer.

Some of T2A’s past projects have aimed at helping the development of a trust-building informal dialogue between the European Institutions and East Asian countries. To do so, Track2Asia has acted as a guide and a go-between for the European and Asian stakeholders willing to engage in dialogue. Other projects have focused on promoting country-to-country dialogue through people-to-people exchanges in the fields of art, sport and culture. These exchanges help building solid foundations for economic and political cooperation between Europe and its Asian partners.

Our Objectives

  • More EU in Asia, more Asia in the EU – Strengthening the third leg of the International Triangle
  • Overcoming Cultural Barriers and Misunderstandings – Promoting Informal Dialogue and Trust Building Initiatives
  • Promoting original diplomatic solutions to improve the EU’s relations with Asia