Our Work

Track2Asia is born from the need for and utility of informal political dialogue between Europe and the Far East, most classically, but not uniquely, with the DPRK. It aims at developing a soft diplomatic channel that Europe lacks in some parts of East Asia as complement and supplement to traditional Track I Diplomacy. Track2Asia intends to investigate – in the case of the DPRK – possible approaches diverging from the ’tit for tat’ diplomacy that has served neither side very well.

Its activities combine and go beyond the academic research and conference exchanges carried on by a think tank, and beyond the fieldwork and practical policy led by an NGO. It aims to function as a bridge between people, places and ideas. Acting to unite different countries, type of actors and organization, Track2Asia believes the medium is not the message. Its Mission is to carry the message more than to shine as the carrier.

Some of T2A’s projects have so far aimed at helping the development of a trust-building informal dialogue between the European Institutions and East Asian countries. To do so, Track2Asia has acted as a guide and a go-between for European and Asian figures willing to engage. Others will rather promote country-to-country dialogue through people-to-people exchanges in the fields of art, sport and culture. Those exchanges, by providing the empathetic knowledge of the other who is at the heart of the decision-making process, will help building solid foundations for economic and political cooperation between Europe and its Asian partners.